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Products: Essentials of Professionalism

Handling emotional customers. Working with others. Ethical behavior. Etiquette. These things are cornerstones to the skills of a professional financial institution employee. Make sure your employees are trained to interact appropriately with everybody. Below, you'll find a list of all of our essentials of professionalism-specific courses. For a complete view of all of our excellent training programs, download our catalog.

Additional Bank Products & Services (MTT5 Course 5) MTT5-105
Balancing Out (MTT5 Course 6) MTT5-106
Banker Style: Dress Like a Professional Without Breaking the Bank PR-108
Basic Banking Etiquette PR-109
Basic Banking Products Made Simple OR-109
Checking & Savings Transactions (MTT5 Course 3) MTT5-103
Cross Servicing: Making Good Things Happen For Your Customers ST-124
Detecting Counterfeits (MTT5 Course 8) MTT5-108
Dress for Success: Your Personal Business Style PR-111
Everybody's Somebody's Customer CS-114
Exploring the Basics of Banking BAI ES-103
Financial Services: A Value-Added Business OR-108
Forgery & Signature Verification (MTT5 Course 7) MTT5-107
Handling Cash (MTT5 Course 2) MTT5-102
How to be a 5-Star Professional PR-102
How to Work with Difficult and Diverse People: A Survivor's Guide CS-117
Importance of Account Profitability, The OR-111
Importance of Confidentiality RB-101
In Control: How to Manage the Angry and Emotional Customer CS-120
Making the Check-Cashing Decision (MTT5 Course 4) MTT5-104
Matter of Integrity: An Ethics Program for Bankers, A BAI ES-104
More Basic Banking Etiquette PR-109
Preventing Fraud (MTT5 Course 9) MTT5-109
Sexual Harassment: It's Serious Business SB-117
Understanding Personal & Business Banking Products PB-101
Understanding the Check Clearing Process TT-107
Understanding the Lending Process OR-106
What Do You Do After You Say Hello? CS-113
Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm SB-121
You & Your Customers (MTT5 Unit 10) MTT5-110
Your Role as a Professional Teller (MTT5 Course 1) MTT5-101

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1st Financial Training Services offers more than 65 online courses made exclusively for banks and credit unions. Courses range from frontline staff basics to management-level courses featuring award-winning broadcast-quality video content.

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