Comments from Your Training Colleagues

"Before we had Modern Teller, we had considerable turnover because our training was ineffective."

"The intros added to each course are a great way to introduce the course. Workbooks are much better and presentation is a huge step up! "

"Awesome! The video introductions to each course are excellent; the workbooks and activities are better and the presentation is a step up."

"Everyone should use the first course during the interview process. It'll make sure poeple know everything about being a teller. We love it! "

"We used MTT4 to death and can't wait to use MTT5!"

History of
Modern Teller Training

Since 1975, Modern Teller Training (MTT) has been the most comprehensive teller training series available. Here's a look back at how it all began:

1975 - MTT1
An audio cassette program is released by BAI to train the nation's tellers

1981 - MTT2
An audio program complimented by a slide show replaces MTT1

1986 - MTT3
The first-ever video edition of the industry's #1 teller training system

1998 - MTT4
2nd video version released with updated and enhanced content

2008 - MTT5
The most dynamic and interactive teller training system yet available in both VHS and DVD formats.


Get Modern Teller Training 5 for only $299/course—Save $296/course

The nation's premier teller training system for more than 3 decades is all new. Modern Teller Training 5 has been updated, enhanced and improved to meet the training challenges of today's complex financial services industry. MTT5 offers the most consistent, structured, customizable and comprehensive teller training in the industry. And, for a limited time, you can get your training system of 10 VHS/DVDs and 11 workbooks for only $299 per course.

Free Preview Available
You can request a free, no-obligation preview of MTT5 to get a first-hand look at the industry's most comprehensive teller training system. To order MTT5, or to request a free preview, contact your friendly, helpful Training Support Manager at 800.442.8662 or use our online form.

Modern Teller Training 5:
Effective, Efficient, Consistent, Time-Saving A-to-Z Teller Training

It’s here—the 5th edition of the industry’s most popular teller training system, Modern Teller Training 5. This exceptional series of courses—10 DVD/VHS videos, a set of 10 workbooks and the Administrator’s Guide—is designed to give newly hired tellers the fundamentals they need to get up-to-speed ASAP.

Benefits of Modern Teller Training Include:

Consistent—Every topic is covered in a consistent and thorough manner
Structured—Builds teller knowledge base in a step-by-step process; each skill builds on the next
Improves On-the-Job Training—Each teller has the fundamental skills to do the basics of the job
Increases Retention—Self-tests, activities, interactive quizzes and final exam in each course make content memorable
Customizable—Add your institution’s specific policies and procedures
Comprehensive—Nearly 3 hours of interactive role-play video training complements 800+ pages of workbook content






And there's more:

Reference Manual—Workbooks serve as a reference manual for tellers as they go forward
Recurring Training—A fast-track option for refresher training
Administrator’s Guide—Training tips, sample schedules for conducting the training over 3, 4, 5 and 7 days





For your convenience, the system is divided into 4 key components:
Technical Skills
How to count cash, cash checks, balance out, handle all daily transactions
Security Issues
How to verify ID, spot a forgery, detect a counterfeit bill or document, thwart fraud at the teller level
Customer Service &
Cross Selling Skills
Must-have skills for today’s competitive marketplace
Each course includes an overview of regs related to the topics in that course










Get a Free, No-Obligation Preview

Get a free, no-obligation preview that includes a sample workbook and a DVD/VHS video containing all 10 course programs. And, for your convenience, we pay round-trip shipping. Contact your friendly, helpful Training support Manager at 800.442.8662 to get your preview today. Or, use our easy, one minute online request form.














About the Courses

Click on the images below to read a description of each respective MTT5 course and watch available preview clips.

Course 1 :
Your Role as a Professional Teller

Course 2 :
Handling Cash

Course 3 :
Checking & Savings Transactions

MTT5 Preview:
Course 4: Making the Check-Cashing Decision

Course 5:
Additional Bank Products & Services

Course 6 :
Balancing Out

MTT5 Preview:
Course 7: Forgery & Signatures Verification

MTT5 Preview:
Course 8: Detecting Counterfeits

MTT5 Preview:
Course 9: Preventing Fraud

MTT5 Preview:
Course 10: You & Your Customers

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