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Modern Teller Training 5

Modern Teller Training 5 helps you meet the training challenges of today's complex financial services industry. This exceptional series of courses—10 DVD/VHS videos, a set of 10 workbooks and the Administrator’s Guide—is designed to give newly hired tellers the fundamentals they need to get up-to-speed ASAP. With nearly three hours of video content and more than 800 pages of workbook content, MTT5 is the most comprehensive teller training system in the industry. After training with MTT5, tellers will be ready to start work with a comprehensive understanding of compliance, security, customer service and technical skills they need to know.

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Get Modern Teller Training 5 for only $299/course—Save $296/course

For a limited time, you can get your training system of 10 VHS/DVDs and 11 workbooks for only $299 per course. This amazing price gets you all 11 workbooks--more than 800 pages of training content--and 10 DVD/VHS videos with nearly 3 hours of training content. With MTT5, you get industry-leading training that is:

  • ConsistentEvery topic is covered in a consistent and thorough manner
  • StructuredBuilds teller knowledge base in a step-by-step process; each skill builds on the next
  • Made to Improve On-the-Job TrainingEach teller has the fundamental skills to do the basics of the job
  • Will Increase RetentionSelf-tests, activities, interactive quizzes and final exam in each course make content memorable
  • CustomizableAdd your institution’s specific policies and procedures
  • ComprehensiveNearly 3 hours of interactive role-play video training complements 800+ pages of workbook content

To order MTT5 today for this excellent price—or to order a free preview—contact our friendly, helpful training support staff at 800.442.8662 or by email using our convenient online email contact form.

Training Professionals Rave About MTT5

For more than three decades, Modern Teller Training has been used to train tellers across the nation. Here's what some of your training colleagues are saying about the latest version of the training system, MTT5:

"Before we had Modern Teller, we had considerable turnover because our training was ineffective. Modern Teller Training has increased our employee retention."

"The intros added to each course are a great way to introduce the course. The workbooks are much better and presentation is a huge step up! "

"Awesome! The video introductions to each course are excellent; the workbooks and activities are better and the presentation is a step up."

"Everyone should use the first course during the interview process. It'll make sure people know everything about being a teller. We love it! "

Your tellers are the face of the bank and are the employees your customers will interact with most often. Don't risk costly compliance penalties and cash-handling errors. Make sure your tellers are trained to handle every situation accurately and professionally by getting MTT5 today!

To order MTT5 today for this excellent price—or to order a free preview—contact our friendly, helpful training support staff at 800.442.8662 or reach us by email using our convenient online email contact form.

Course 1:
Your Role As a Professional Teller

In this course, tellers learn about their role in the bank. They also become familiar with the day-to-day activities that they perform and learn about how banking works.

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Course 2:
Handling Cash

In this course, tellers learn how to obtain and arrange their opening cash supply, how to package currency and coins, how to handle bait money as well as what to do with mutilated currency. They will also learn how to count money using two universal counting systems.

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Course 3:
Checking & Savings Transactions

Course 3 teaches tellers how to process checking and savings account deposits and withdrawals. In addition, they will learn about the various types of deposits including: cash only, check only, split deposits as well as compound, mixed or combination deposits.

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Course 4:
Making the Check-Cashing Decision

With this course, tellers will discover what the bank’s policies are for cashing checks for customers and non-customers. They also learn what critical information must appear on the face of the check. They will also learn how to examine endorsements and request the proper identification from customers.

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Course 5:
Additional Bank Products & Services

Tellers learn about cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, money orders, debit cards, credit cards and other convenience services. In addition, they will learn about receiving payments for loans, savings clubs, tax deposit payments and utility payments and more.

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Course 6:
Balancing Out

Tellers will learn how to balance their drawers and resolve any out-of-balance situations. This course also teaches them how to balance out using a computer and balancing out manually. Knowing how to manually balance can be helpful in some routine situations as well as in case of emergency—a power outage, computer system problems, etc.

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Course 7:
Forgery & Signature Verification

This course teaches tellers how to identify common techniques used to forge signatures and endorsements—the signs of forgery. They also learn to use signature cards and imaged signatures to help detect forgeries. Additionally, tellers will learn what action to take when they suspect forgery.

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Course 8:
Detecting Counterfeits

With this course, tellers learn to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit items. They also learn what to do when they suspect they have received a counterfeit item.

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Course 9:
Preventing Fraud

This course teaches tellers how to recognize cash-related scams aimed specifically at tellers and bank customers and what they should do when they suspect an attempted fraud.

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Course 10:
You & Your Customers

This course teaches tellers to understand their important role in providing excellent customer service and to know the basics of needs-based selling.

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